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Koolies have been part of our everyday life for over 23 years now, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without them.    

Our first encounter with a koolie was at a clearing sale of a friends property, everything was being sold, including cattle and the property on the day.  There were lots of people and before the farm was sold it was the turn of the cattle, this pretty blue merle dog worked tirelessly bringing up mobs of cows and working them through the sale ring in front of all these people without hesitation, she had a job to do and nothing was going to stop her.  After the cattle were sold someone offered a lot of money for the dog and was quite disappointed when told "this is a family pet, I'm not selling her".  A dog that worked like that....and a family pet as well??  We had to know more. 

When we showed so much interest, our friend said that someone with a male koolie had been after him to mate her, he would agree and we would be able to have a pup.  So in due course our beloved Mindy arrived. And stayed for 16 years.

      Silhouette Mindy

We currently have a  grand daughter, great grand daughter and  four great great grand daughters of Mindy's continuing on where she left off.  There are also many descendants living here in Victoria, in N.S.W., Queensland and Western Australia, if you have a Silhouette koolie in your dogs pedigree it will be descended from Silhouette Mindy registration number 00001/3B with the Koolie Club of Australia, the first and biggest club for Koolie/Coolie dogs.  If you have a descendent, we would like to recognize it here, please feel free to Email information and photos and as time permits they will be added to the family tree.

It is with great disappointment that we hear that a breeder from another club is claiming to be breeding from a bitch with a Silhouette prefix. The Silhouette prefix is only registered with the Koolie Club of Australia, any other use is without our knowledge or permission. It would appear this breeder is trying to benefit from our name. We have also been told this breeder is claiming to be breeding from DNA proven lines, this is incorrect.

We are proud to be founding members of the Koolie Club of Australia and can recommend becoming part of a club that is prepared to work hard as an independent club for the good of the koolie, not  just for fashion,  for money or for sport, but as a group dedicated to a true working dog. For more information on koolies we recommend

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The Koolie is an extremely active intelligent dog that requires mental stimulation as much as physical exercise. It is not enough to just exercise your koolie expecting him to stop when he is tired, he will continue as long as he thinks he is doing his job or what you want.  Your koolie needs to interact with you and spend good quality time with you each day.  They are people oriented dogs that are happier with your company than with another dog, although he will do until you get home.  Ignore this requirement and expect to find destruction on your return, or a very difficult dog to handle.  Be able to fulfill this requirement and you will have a rewarding long term relationship with a very clever, gentle natured dog that would do anything just to please you.

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